Get set for the best full moon of ALL of 2016!

The November 2016 full moon, is known as the Full Beaver Moon, or a Super Moon The moon will rise on the night of November 13th to provide observers with the best

and closest full moon of all 2016! This full Super Moon, will be closest to Earth, during the early morning hours of the 14th…at a near all time close approach to Earth, of 221,524 miles!

Not since January 24th 1948, have we seen a full moon , this close! The moon will not be this close again, till November 25th 2034! The moon will appear full at 9:52AM EST on the 14th.

Observers should look for the moon on the night of November 13th, rising, just after sunset and follow the moon as it moves across your skies, into the morning of the 14th.

You will still get a great view of the moon, rising on the night of November 14th too! In summary, the moon will be some 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than the

average full moon and here is your chance to take some great photos of this amazing event.

Here are some links and videos to enjoy the show!



Howl at the Moon:

Super Moon: