Get set for a rather rare transit of the planet Mercury on Monday, May 9th 2016!We have not had a Mercury transit for a number of years and now is the time to prepare

for this exciting event!

Do NOT stare at the Sun without proper eye protection!The best method to view this transit will be by using the projection method, with a small telescope and a pair of binoculars.

You must have the telescope or binocular focus on a sheet of cardboard or paper, at least 12 inches from the light source, to get a decent and safe image of the Sun!

Mercury can transit the Sun, some 13 to 14 time per century!

If you miss this transit, the next Mercury transit will take place on November 11th 2019

Mercury is only 1/158th the size of the disk of the Sun, so it will appear as a small black

disk; taking some 7 hours, to cross the Sun!

Here are some links to help you view the transit, as well as viewing the event LIVE on the internet:



Slooh Telescope Feed:

NASA/ SDO Live Coverage-