Meteor season is here!

Get set for what might be; one of the best meteor showers of the entire year!

The 2016 Perseids are peaking later this week, with the potential of a very

unique, “outburst”; from particles that have been moved closer to Earth, by


The meteor streams of 1079AD, 1479 AD and 1862 AD, may have been

moved closer to Earth, by the gravity of Jupiter.

Is, so; observers with clear skies, may get to see upwards of 150 meteors

per hour, from this stream.

The parent comet of the Perseids, is Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, which has an

orbit that takes it around the Sun, once, every 133 years. Last seen near the Sun, in 1992 and a return date set for 2126, this comet has a nucleus of some

16 miles in diameter….

The comet was discovered in 1862…..

This comet has been described by some as “the single most dangerous object

known to humanity”……

To view the shower….the peak night would be; August 11th into the 12th.

All of this week, would be a good time to look too!

The Moon will be out and bright, setting around 1AM local time, providing you with some good hours to see Perseids.

Best time to look….Look into the NE sky from 10PM till dawn…the radiant

will be high in the NE…from 2AM till dawn….

Here are some links to help you score more Perseids and learn how to take pictures of meteors…..Good luck and clear skies!






How To Take Pictures Of Meteors: