Once again, our Arizona skies are filled with amazing objects and


The sky show begins in April, with two most amazing sights, for you and your family to enjoy.

I have called the month of April 2014, the month of the “Moon and

Mars”, as we get to see a total eclipse of the Moon and another close passage of Mars, near the Earth.

Sky watchers, get set, as these two astronomical events, will dazzle

your senses!

We here in Arizona, get to witness our first total lunar eclipse, since December 2011, as the Moon puts on this rare sight for us,  the Moon moves into the Earth’s umbral shadow at 10:58 PM local

Arizona time on the night of the 14th. You will notice that the left edge of the Moon will slowly darken. Get out those camera’s, as

the best is yet to come. Totality begins for us at 12:07 AM on the

15th and the Moon stays deep in the Earth’s shadow for the next 78

minutes. This is the time that the Moon may turn a deep orange color, as the Earth blocks out most of the sunlight the Moon gets.

This amazing Chinese Lantern in the sky, is at maximum eclipse at

12:46 AM…with the totality ending at 1:25AM and the partial phases ending at 2:33 AM on the morning of the 15th. This all happens, when the Sun, Earth and Moon, line up exactly at the same time, blocking the sunlight that Moon gets.

The April full Moon, is known as the Full Pink or Full Grass Moon.

The Moon will ride low in the constellation of Virgo and be some

3 degrees away from the planet Mars. Mars will shine bright, as it

passed opposition, on April 8th and also be an object of interest in

your telescope. Mars will be some 57,406,300 mikes from us on

April 8th. Close enough,, to see the northern polar cap on Mars in

your telescope. It will be Summer in the N hemisphere on Mars.

April is an exciting and rare month for sky events!

The May skies, also offer up some great sky treats too, with the

planet Saturn returning to opposition, on the night of May 10th.

Saturn will ride low in the SE sky at sunset in Libra. Those with

small telescopes, will get to see the rings open wide and easy to

see. The Moon in May, is at First Quarter on May 6th, The Full

Flower Moon on the 14th, Last Quarter Moon on the 21st and the

New Moon on the 28th….

These are great times to explore the Arizona night skies, with me

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Lunar Eclipse-

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth. A Lunar Eclipse can last for up to an hour and a half.

There will be 230 Lunar Eclipses in the 21st Century…only 85 will

be Total!




4th planet from the Sun. Comes close to Earth every few years, but

never closer than some 35 million miles away!

Mars great weather extremes….-225º F at night, winds up to 350mph, during dust storms…Earth looks mild by comparison.




6th planet from the Sun. Second largest planet. Named for the Roman god of agriculture. Saturn has upwards of 62 satellites and is some 850 million miles from Earth. It is made up of gases and would “float” in an ocean, if you had one big enough!