Dr.Sky Appearance Schedule-2017

Dr.Sky 2017 Appearance Schedule-

-Listings Subject To Change…Please e-mail  drsky7@gmail.com

Happy 2017 to all of you!

Here are some of the locations in Arizona and the Nation, that Dr.Sky will appear at in 2017…. This schedule is subject to change.
For last minute changes, visit the Dr.Sky Face Book page and follow us on Twitter at drskyinc

For more information on having Dr.Sky appear as your keynote speaker, school presenter, LIVE radio show event, etc; please call our business office at 602 684-7597 or e-mail us at drsky7@gmail.com

Book Dr.Sky for your family/group outing, or your very own “Sky Party”. A great way to celebrate that special birthday. We bring the telescopes and equipment to you and provide a memorable way for your child to learn about the wonders of the night sky. Call 602 684-7597, for dates and rates!



Dolly Steamboat- Canyon Lake Arizona-

Join us for our “Dr.Sky Cruise To The Cosmos” aboard the Dolly Steamboat on Canyon Lake. Book this exciting 2.5 hour cruise! Enjoy a great gourmet meal and then sit back and enjoy the wonders of the night sky, with Dr.Sky…..A spectacular night sky presentation, of the current months sky events, with powerful lasers, to point out the many objects in the night sky….Many great comments come from this cruise, so book
NOW, by calling 480 827-9144 or reserve seats at www.dollysteamboat.com

See you on the Dr.Sky Cruise To The Cosmos”…….

2017 Dates- Saturday Evenings 2017-

January 28th 5PM  * Dr.Sky 61st Birthday/ Call 602 684-7597 for details
February 27th 5PM * Special Cruise/ Call 602 684-7597 for details
March 18th 5:30PM  –  Cruise To The Cosmos
April 29th  5:30PM   – Cruise To The Cosmos
May 20th  6PM   – Cruise To The Cosmos
June 24th 6PM   – Cruise To The Cosmos
July 29th 6PM   –  Cruise To The Cosmos
August 26th 6PM -Cruise To The Cosmos
September 30th 6PM- Cruise To The Cosmos
October 28th 5:30PM – Cruise To The Cosmos
November 18th 5PM- Cruise To The Cosmos
December 9th 5PM- Special Dr.Sky Holiday Cruise



Sedona’s Boutique Inn/ Las Posadas Of  Sedona-

A regular spot on the Dr.Sky Show, is our relationship with Las Posadas Of Sedona! Your getaway place in Sedona, with warm furnishings, peaceful surroundings and awesome vistas……Come to Las Posadas and experience the wonders of  Arizona’s high desert. Join us for our many “Evenings With Dr.Sky, during 2017. Call Las Posadas at 888 284-5288, or vist them at www.LasPosadasOfSedona.com



Sedona Rouge/ Hotel/Spa-

Another of the great getaway locations on the Dr.Sky tour, is Sedona Rouge/ Hotel/ Spa…An Oasis Of Style and Sophistication, Ideally Located In West Sedona. Join me, Dr.Sky for some great “Sight, Sound and Taste” experiences at this grand facility….

Call them to make your reservations and ask for the Dr.Sky rate, when booking!

Call them at 928 203-4111 or 866 312-4111 or book online atwww.sedonarouge.com

Join us in 2017 for the following dates and times, with our Dr.Sky, on the 3rd floor observation deck (weather permitting)at 9PM.

Saturday/ January 21st 2017-  9PM- The Magic Of The Winter Skies
Saturday/ February 17th 2017- 9PM- The Great Orion Nebula
Thursday/ March 16th 2017- 9PM- Jupiter/ The King Of The Planets
Thursday/ April 22nd 2107- 9PM- The Stars Of Spring
Thursday/ May 18th 2017- 9PM- The Mystery Of The Planet Mars
Saturday/June 16th 2017- 9PM- Introduction To The Summer Sky
Saturday/ July 22nd 2017- 9PM- The Summer Milky Way
Saturday/ August 12th 2017-9PM- The Perseid Meteor Shower
Thursday/September 22nd 2017-9PM- The Fall Skies
Thursday/ October 19th 2017-9PM- The Orionid Meteor Shower
Saturday/ November 11th 2017-9PM- The Great Andromeda Galaxy
Saturday/ December 2nd 2017-9PM- The Wonders Of The Holiday Skies



Lost Dutchman Sate Park- Dr.Sky Programs 2017

Just 30 miles from downtown Phoenix, is one of America’s best little secrets, when it comes to desert dark skies and much more!

Join me, Dr.Sky for some exciting programs in 2017…..

Here are the select dates for our “Evenings With Dr.Sky” at LDSP.

Experience the night sky as never before, with our special two hour programs, for people of ALL ages!

There is a $7 per car fee…..ALL funds go to the good folks at LDSP…..

Here are our 2017 Dr Sky Programs-

February 11th 2017- 7PM- Palo Verde Campground
March 11th 2017 -7PM- Palo Verde Campground
April 8th 2017- 8PM- Food Wine Tasting Event/ 5PM-Group Camping Area / Dr.Sky 7PM
May 13th 2017- 8PM- Palo Verde Campground
October 14th 2017- 7PM- Palo Verde Campground
November 4th 2017- 7PM- Palo Verde Campground
December 16th 2017-7PM- Palo Verde Campground /Dr.Sky Solar System Trail/ Annual Fundraiser
Call for more information at:
480 982-4485