2015, offers up what might be, one of the best meteor showers of the entire year!

The mid August arrival of the Perseids, offer up some amazing things for you the sky watcher.

With forecasts of up to as many as 100 meteors per hour, this year, 2015, may live up to these reports.

The best news in years, is that there will be NO moon to interfere with this shower of cometary debris.

The peak of the shower is set for the night of August 12th into the morning of the 13th.


Find a dark location, with a good view of the NE sky.

Begin your observations around 11PM local time.

Stay up ALL night, as the radiant rises in the NE and the shower

gets better in the early morning hours.

Get comfortable in a lawn chair or recliner and have a pair of binoculars with you too!

Here is a star chart to show the area of the radiant:


The Perseids are meteors from the comet known as Swif/Tuttle, which orbits the Sun in a period of some 133 years. The comet was close to the Earth in 1992 and we get years that have the Perseids roar and others that are quite calm.

You can expect at least 25 or more bright meteors per hour in dark skies, but

higher numbers in some areas of the Earth, as we pass through some heavier

ribbons of comet dust. Simply, No one knows for sure, what to expect, but the fun of it all, is being there to experience this unusual event!

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