A very unique eclipse of the Moon will take place on the early morning

of April 4th 2015. The next in a series of total lunar eclipses, will be a must

see event for observers in the mid to western USA and Pacific.

This is the second eclipse of 2015, following the total solar eclipse of March

20th. This “total” lunar eclipse, will be the shortest eclipse, since 1529 and

at its best, will only have some 4 minutes,43 seconds of actual “totality”. The reason for

this is simple….the Moon will cross the umbra of the Earth at a very shallow

angle, As the Moon will not move deep into the umbral shadow.

This lunar eclipse is part of Saros 132, which has a total of some 70 lunar eclipses in it. The first, was back on May 22nd 1492 and the last will be on

June 26th 2754.

The total eclipse of October 17th 1529 lasted only 1 minute and 42 seconds

of totality, but this eclipse will have a totality of over 4 minutes. The fact is;

you still will be able to view the partial phases and that begins at 3:16AM PDT on the 4th, with totality at 4:58AM…till 5:00AM PDT…then the partial phases return, and end at 6:45AM PDT….

A very unique total eclipse indeed!

The Moon will appear low in the sky, riding in or near the constellation of

Virgo, with the bright blue star Spica, close to the Moon.

This is a great time to learn how to use your camera equipment!

Here are some great links, to enjoy this total lunar eclipse…….




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