September 27th/28th 2015…….will be a night to remember!

This will be the last major total eclipse of the Moon for most of America, till 2019! Over the past year or so, we have had a number of these rare events take place and you have a great opportunity to see this eclipse, if you live in the western hemisphere. For US observers in the mainland, you will either see the entire eclipse, or you will get to see the Moon rising during the partial or total phases…..

You will find the exact times of the eclipse fo your location, by viewing the attached links in this post. This eclipse is special to many, as it is the last of the Tetrad eclipses that to many, have some connection to biblical prophesy and the end of times!

While I can not speak to the exact nature of this, I really urge you to get ready for a most amazing event, with or without a telescope.

For observers in the Phoenix, Arizona area, we will be conducting another major public event, similar to our August 2015 “Meteor Madness” event.

This one is called “Astronomy & the Bible- The 4th Blood Moon…Here are some of the details:

This full moon is also the “Super Moon of 2015”, in that the moon will be at it’s closest

for 2015…at a distance of some 221,753 miles…Very close…some 30,000 miles closer than average.

This is also the “Harvest Moon” of 2015. A harvest moon, is the next moon that occurs after the Autumnal Equinox (September 21st at 4:21AM EDT).

Here are the times of the event in EDT (convert to your time zone): September 27th


Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 8:12PM EDT


Partial Eclipse Begins: 9:07PM EDT


Totality Begins: 10:11PM EDT    Get set for 74 minutes of TOTALITY…..


Greatest Eclipse: 10:47PM EDT


Totality Ends: 11:23PM EDT


Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:27AM EDT  (September 28th)


Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 1:22AM EDT (September 28th)




Cloudy Weather Or One The Wrong Side Of The Earth?/ Watch LIVE:


NASA site:



Biblical Connection To Eclipse: What Do You Believe?