The planet Saturn returns to opposition on the night of May 22nd.

Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun and at this years opposition,

Saturn will be some 830,000,000 miles from Earth. At this distance,

It takes light some 74 minutes to get to the ringed planet. The best

views of Saturn, will occur in a small telescope, with a magnification

of at least 200X.

This year, in 2015, Saturn will be easy to locate, as it appears just

above the bright stars of the “claws” of Scorpio. Saturn will rise at

sunset on May 22nd and appear in our sky ALL night. The planet will

still put on a good showing, even if it lies low in the SE and the S sky

during the night.

Saturn will move slowly to the west in early May and move into Libra.

For those of you with larger telescopes, Saturn will appear at best some 18.5

seconds of arc in diameter and the rings will appear to be some 42 seconds of arc in diameter. All this, as the planet’s rings are tilted some 24 degrees to

our line of sight.

A small star like object next to or above the rings, is the largest of the moons; Titan. You may also get to see Tethys, Dione and Rhea, in a small


Here is how to locate Saturn in the sky:

saturn -1

Tips On Viewing Saturn: