With the advent of the Summer Solstice, just a few weeks away,

observers in the northern hemisphere are once again seeing the

elusive clouds, know as noctilucent clouds. Noctilucent, comes

from the latin, meaning “Light Shining”.

These are the highest clouds known and are some 50 miles above

the surface of the Earth.

May 19th marked the first time this year that observers reported the

Clouds and many believe that noctilucent clouds are formed by water

vapor and micro meteor particles, high up in near space.

Some say that the appearance of these clouds in mid latitude locations,

may be a sign of climate change, but others are not so fast to agree!

So, if you have a clear night…some 30 minutes after sunset in the

northern hemisphere, you may get to see and record this most amazing


These clouds were first seen in 1885 and thought to be sparked by the great

Krakatoa explosion of 1883.