Get set for an amazing encounter with Pluto, as the New Horizons spacecraft

is set for a close pass with Pluto, on or about July 15th!

The New Horizons spacecraft is unusual, in the fact that it has covered the distance between Earth and Pluto, in record time! Launched back on January 19th 2006, it has crossed this vast distance, in less than a decade.

Pluto has been described as a “Dwarf” planet since 2006, causing many to

rethink this decision, as Pluto has 5 moons of its own and may still be larger

than some of the other objects discovered in the Kuiper Belt!

Pluto, used the gravity assist of Jupiter in 2007, to help propel it to Pluto, in

record time!

Clyde Tombaugh, discovered Pluto in Arizona, back on February 18th, 1930.

I was very close with Dr.Tombaugh in the late 1970’s and had recorded many interviews with him.

Our dedicated website to his memory, is,

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Here is a direct link to an interview that I did with Patsy Tombaugh, the

Wife of Clyde Tombaugh…..done many years ago!