A great sight is about to happen in our early Summer skies!All eyes on the Moon, on Saturday, June 22nd, as we welcome in avery unique Moon…the Full Strawberry Moon, or the “Super-Super Moon”….

This Full Moon is special, in that; it is the closest Full Moon of ALL2013!At its closest, the Moon will be only 221,824 miles from your eye. We call this, Perigee. The Moon is exactly full at; 7:12AM EDT/ 4:12AM PDT on the morningof June 23rd.

The alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon, is known as a syzygy!So, the real technical term for this Moon, is a Perigee-Syzygy Moon.The term; “Super Moon”, comes to us from astrology. In May, we had aclose Perigee moon, that some called a “Super Moon, but the June Moons actually closer…thus, the “Super-Super Moon”……

Get those camera’s out to record the Moon rising in the SE sky on the evening of the 22nd.Hereare some links, to some additional information on this special FullMoon and other trivia about Full Moon names…..Enjoy, this great sightin our early Summer skies…….


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