One of the best meteor showers of the entire  year is about to peak!

The Geminid meteor shower will reach a dramatic peak on the night of

December 13th into the early morning hours of the 14th!

The Geminid meteor shower is a powerful stream that is thought to come

from a dormant comet/asteroid. The better term would be a rubble pile!

The exact source is thought to be asteroid 3200 Phaethon. Every 1.43 years,

the source object gets close to the Sun and sheds a lot of material. This material

is seen in our sky, as small meteors, or the occasional ‘fireball”.

Look low in the NE sky around 9PM local time, for any potential earth grazing

fireballs, from the Gemininds…. After that, you may get to see upwards of 50

meteors per hour….




Listen To Meteors: