The fifth Annual Picture Perfect Park Wine & Food Tasting.

Join us Saturday, April 8th, under the sky at the beautiful Lost Dutchman State Park for its Fifth Annual Picture Perfect Park Wine & Food Tasting.

Hosted by: Friends of Lost Dutchman State Park
Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Sky, Steve Kates

This is going to be the best ever Annual Picture Perfect Lost Dutchman State Park Wine and Food Tasting. I know, I say that every year, but it’s true!

Read on and get your tickets now, you know they go fast!!!

Chef Bagnasco is sending over his famous ribs and we’ll have a table full of pasta and vegees for ya’ll too.

Picked up the wine yesterday. Ryan, our Action Wine and Spirits expert, says these wines are special blends… with a history. They are guaranteed to please.

Dessert is set and its… (drum roll) CUPCAKES! Yes, you heard right, we’re having a plethora of tasty little cupcakes baked up just for you to enjoy with just the right dessrt wine and or beverage with while you top off the night at the (need I say it again?) BEST EVER PICTURE PERFECT PARK WINE TASTING EVENT.

The raffle items are amazing with collectibles and delectables you’ll love. Our community folks have really kicked in AGAIN! You can see the folks who have donated so far below.

Have you checked out the entertainment —THE NOTES FROM NEPTUNE– yet? You won’t want to miss their show! You can hear their music here. They’re going to blow the roof off! Wait, there is no roof… Ha, they’re going to be awesome, under the stars!

Don’t forget you can stay after the wine tasting and enjoy the Dr. Sky Show, Steve Kates, an internationally known authority on the sky brings his AMAZING WALK THROUGH THE SKIES show back again this year.

Please see below for important information.

  • Park admission is covered with your ticket to the event. With that, please read and follow ALL park rules:
  • As always, kids/minors are welcome if accompanied by an adult.
  • Dress comfortably and bring a lawn chair if you’d like.
  • Camping spots are available through the park’s website:
  • No outside alcohol allowed inside the event and no alcohol served at the event is allowed outside the event perimeter.
  • Partial refunds (upon request) if event is cancelled. The only reason we would cancel is in case of severe weather or natural disaster (such as a zombie apocolypse).

We Proudly THANK our sponsors

A word about the FLDSP: Friends groups are concerned citizens who organize themselves around a need… a worthy cause. In our case, it was to save our park. We are an all volunteer organization formed in 2010 when our park was threatened with closure. In the beginning, the park was in dire need of funds to just keep its gates open. Now we continue to support the park by funding camp upgrades and park programs. Learn more:

Location: 6109 N. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ
Time: Entrance opens at 5:00pm, Service ends 7:30, Dr. Sky show begins upon last call
For more information and to purchase tickets:

North Korea Rocket/ Satellite Launch/ Track It LIVE


North Korea launches a ballistic type missile and claims that it has launched a satellite into Earth orbit. A rocket launch occurred on Sunday, at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station.

The Kwangmyonsong rocket, lifted off the pad and is reported to have placed a small Earth observation satellite; the Kwangmyonsong-4 payload, into orbit! Reports from various space agency and tracking facilities, say that the satellite is not in a stable orbit.
The Kwangmyonsong-4 satellite is listed as NORAD # 41332

To learn more and track the rocket body and the satellite; please visit these sites:

Launch facility update:

Current News:

Track the Satellite- LIVE

Arizona Skies with Dr.Sky® / April/ May 2014

Once again, our Arizona skies are filled with amazing objects and


The sky show begins in April, with two most amazing sights, for you and your family to enjoy.

I have called the month of April 2014, the month of the “Moon and

Mars”, as we get to see a total eclipse of the Moon and another close passage of Mars, near the Earth.

Sky watchers, get set, as these two astronomical events, will dazzle

your senses!

We here in Arizona, get to witness our first total lunar eclipse, since December 2011, as the Moon puts on this rare sight for us,  the Moon moves into the Earth’s umbral shadow at 10:58 PM local

Arizona time on the night of the 14th. You will notice that the left edge of the Moon will slowly darken. Get out those camera’s, as

the best is yet to come. Totality begins for us at 12:07 AM on the

15th and the Moon stays deep in the Earth’s shadow for the next 78

minutes. This is the time that the Moon may turn a deep orange color, as the Earth blocks out most of the sunlight the Moon gets.

This amazing Chinese Lantern in the sky, is at maximum eclipse at

12:46 AM…with the totality ending at 1:25AM and the partial phases ending at 2:33 AM on the morning of the 15th. This all happens, when the Sun, Earth and Moon, line up exactly at the same time, blocking the sunlight that Moon gets.

The April full Moon, is known as the Full Pink or Full Grass Moon.

The Moon will ride low in the constellation of Virgo and be some

3 degrees away from the planet Mars. Mars will shine bright, as it

passed opposition, on April 8th and also be an object of interest in

your telescope. Mars will be some 57,406,300 mikes from us on

April 8th. Close enough,, to see the northern polar cap on Mars in

your telescope. It will be Summer in the N hemisphere on Mars.

April is an exciting and rare month for sky events!

The May skies, also offer up some great sky treats too, with the

planet Saturn returning to opposition, on the night of May 10th.

Saturn will ride low in the SE sky at sunset in Libra. Those with

small telescopes, will get to see the rings open wide and easy to

see. The Moon in May, is at First Quarter on May 6th, The Full

Flower Moon on the 14th, Last Quarter Moon on the 21st and the

New Moon on the 28th….

These are great times to explore the Arizona night skies, with me

Dr.Sky. Tune in to the Dr.Sky Show, on News Talk 92.3 FM, KTAR, on Saturday mornings at 3AM, for the full sky tour!


Many Dr.Sky programs are held around the state. Why not join us

For our monthly programs in Sedona, at the great Sedona Rouge

Hotel/Spa. Learn more, by going to



Our monthly Dr.Sky “Cruise To The Cosmos”, on the Dolly Steamboat. Learn more at

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“Always Remember To Keep Your Eyes To The Skies”





Lunar Eclipse-

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth. A Lunar Eclipse can last for up to an hour and a half.

There will be 230 Lunar Eclipses in the 21st Century…only 85 will

be Total!




4th planet from the Sun. Comes close to Earth every few years, but

never closer than some 35 million miles away!

Mars great weather extremes….-225º F at night, winds up to 350mph, during dust storms…Earth looks mild by comparison.




6th planet from the Sun. Second largest planet. Named for the Roman god of agriculture. Saturn has upwards of 62 satellites and is some 850 million miles from Earth. It is made up of gases and would “float” in an ocean, if you had one big enough!





Arizona Skies with Dr.Sky® / February/ March 2014

2014 will be another great year for those that love the night sky!
I am so pleased to be your guide to these most amazing sights and
our special place in the cosmos, Arizona!
Did you know that no one has seen a total eclipse of the Moon since December of 2011 and that is about to change.
Get set for a great total lunar eclipse on the night of April 14-15
2014. We have a ringside seat, here in Arizona and we will discuss
the details of that special event, in our next column.
Closer to home, the months of February and March 2014, offer up
some additional treasures to see.
The Moon starts off February, as a waxing crescent, low in the SW
sky, growing to first quarter by the 6th. The full moon for February,
The Full Snow Moon occurs on Valentines Day, the 14th. Then the Moon wanes with last quarter on the 22nd. There is NO New Moon
in February.
For planets, February offers up a rich treasure trove…with mighty
Jupiter, high in the NE at sunset. There is still time to get out your
telescope and look at this amazing planet. Jupiter, now some 500
million miles from your eye, is actually playing a light trick on you! The fact that light takes some 45 minutes to get to your eye
from Jupiter, reveals how Jupiter looked 45 minutes ago, not as it
appears in real time. The same trick occurs with all objects in the sky, from planets to the farthest galaxies.
Mars is now working its way towards Earth and is now easy to see
in the SE sky, after midnight. Mars will be spectacular in April of
this year!
Saturn is bright in the SE sky, around 2AM. Followed by Venus in
the pre dawn skies. Venus reaches its greatest brilliancy on February 15th.
The skies of March 2014, remain busy too!

March offers us up the Vernal Equinox, the start of the Spring
season on March 20th at 10AM local time. The near equality of
day and night….a time for balance in our lives.
The Moon in March performs with precision, as we begin the
month of March with the first of two New Moon’s…one on the
1st and the second on the 31st.
Then the Moon glides to first quarter on the 8th….The Full Worm
Moon on the 16th, Last Quarter on the 23rd and back to New on the
March is rich in planets too; with Jupiter, once again high in the S
at sunset and Mars and Saturn in the SE sky at midnight, with Mercury at its best, in the E, just before dawn on the 14th, with
Venus at its best in the E, on or about the 22nd.
In Space, we find that China has an aggressive Moon program
underway, after its successful soft landing of spacecraft and rover,
back in December of 2013.
More impressive images are coming in everyday from the Yutu
rover, along with data about the Moon. This is the first time, since
the Apollo missions and the Russian Lunokhod 2 rover that arrived on the Moon in 1973, that we have explored the Moon with rovers.
Exciting times lie ahead for Moon explorers………..
Here is some space trivia for you……
The Lunokhod 2 rover was purchased by Richard Garriott at a Sotheby’s auction, in 1993, for $68,500…making him the only
private owner of a space vehicle on a foreign celestial body!!

Many Dr.Sky programs are held around the state. Why not join us
For our monthly programs in Sedona, at the great Sedona Rouge
Hotel/Spa. Learn more, by going to

Our monthly Dr.Sky “Cruise To The Cosmos”, on the Dolly Steamboat. Learn more at
And our great programs at the Lost Dutchman State Park. To learn more, visit;
For additional Dr.Sky information, please visit us at and
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“Always Remember To Keep Your Eyes To The Skies”

Arizona Skies With Dr.Sky® December 2103/January 2014

Happy Holidays To all!
It’s that time of year, with great holiday and New Years
celebrations going on, don’t forget to look up at the sky, as there
are plenty of holiday treats to see!
The month of December stars off with one amazing object to see!
For those that just love and adore the amazing story of the “Star of
Bethlehem”, December sky watchers need to look low in the SW sky at sunset, for the amazing planet Venus!
Venus reaches its greatest brilliancy in the evening sky, on December 6th!
Venus, is the planet that can get closer to the Earth, than all the
other major planets, some 25 million miles away!
In December, Venus blazes, as the goddess of love and beauty in
the sky.
For those that would like to replay the story of the “Star Of Bethlehem”, Venus is just the ticket; as it stands high in the SW
at sunset and reminds us of that magical “star”, that many believe
guided the wise men, to Bethlehem…..
An added holiday treat also occurs on the night of December 6th;
as the waxing crescent Moon, creates a conjunction with Venus!
Speaking of the Moon, in December, it reaches New Moon, or as
I like to say, “The Dark Of The Moon”, on December 2nd, First
Quarter on December 9th….then the Moon becomes gibbous, or
egg shaped, until it reaches the majestic Full Cold Moon, on the
morning of December 7th, full at 2:28AM MST.
Last Quarter on Christmas Day, the 25th…….
This is the time that we have waited for with Comet ISON, if it
made it past perihelion on Nov. 28th, it may be the spectacular
Comet that we have hoped for, or may have faded into the history
books. If the comet survived, it may put on a good show in the
December evening sky!
The seasons change once again, on December 21st at 10AM MST, with the arrival of the Winter Solstice……
Happy New Year 2104……
Welcome to the skies of January 2014…
Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is the big event for
January sky watchers. Jupiter reaches opposition on the night of
January 5th, rising in the NE sky at sunset. Jupiter is a good excuse
to get out those telescopes that you might have received during the holidays. It’s that good!
This planet is spectacular, even in a small telescope. You will get to see the main body of Jupiter up close and the four main Jovian
moons discovered by Galileo , on January 7th 1610.
Jupiter rides high in the sky, in the constellation of Gemini the Twins.
The moon is New on New Years Day, then moves to 1st Quarter
On the 7th, with the first Full Moon of 2014, the Full Wolf Moon
on the 15th. Last Quarter moon on the 24th and a second New Moon
on January 31st.
Venus is still low in the SW at sunset and Mars and Saturn are in
the E at dawn.
2014 offers up other great events too!
No one has seen a total eclipse of the Moon, since December 2011.
Get set for a total lunar eclipse, right here in Arizona, on the night
of April 14th/15th 2014. This will be a deep eclipse and a great one to view, photograph and share with friends. We will talk about specific times, in future columns.

A place that you will find Dr.Sky, is the great AZ Challenger Space Center. Check out our programs by going to:  See you there!
Many Dr.Sky programs are held around the state. Why not join us
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For additional Dr.Sky information, please visit us at and
Our aviation site is,
Above all, Dr.Sky, wishes you and your family, the best of the holidays and a prosperous and healthy 2014!
See you on the radio!!!

Arizona Skies With Dr.Sky® June/ July 2013

Arizona Skies With Dr.Sky® June/ July 2013

Summer returns to Arizona at 10PM local time on June 20th! This is known by the less common name, the Summer Solstice. The advent of summer, marks the literal high point of our nearest star, the Sun, against the vast background stars of the constellation of Gemini, the Twins. Within a few weeks after this date, we get to experience the highest temperatures that we can get during the calendar year!

This is also a great time to experience the wonders of the Arizona night skies. June is a great month to plan your observation sessions and experience all that Arizona can give you! The following are the dates of the Moon’s phases and related close conjunctions, with major planets and stars, etc. The month literally starts with the Moon at it’s new phase or the Dark Of The Moon…This is the best time of the entire month to view the full outlines of the constellations of Summer and so much more. Dr.Sky suggests that you look to the southern sky at around midnight, as the month of June begins, to view the rich star clouds of the Summer Milky Way. You are looking at the rich star regions of the constellations of Scorpius and Sagittarius. Once you find these on your star chart, begin to view them in a pair of simple binoculars. To understand binoculars, you will need to remember a few simple pointers…..

A standard pair of binoculars, will appear something like this….7X50, or 10X50. The first number on the left, is the power or magnification number. The first example of 7X50, means a power of 7 time the magnification of the human eye. The second number, is the size of the objective lens glass. In this case, it is some 50mm wide. There are some 25.4mm’s per inch. Now, scan the rich star regions of the Milky Way, near New Moon, as I know you will be simply amazed. This is the region thought to be near the center of our Milky Way galaxy, some 27,000 light years from your eye…

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Arizona Skies With Dr.Sky® August/ September 2012

Did you know, that one of the best meteor showers of the entire year, is right around the corner?

Welcome once again to our unique column, which takes you on a

most magical journey, thru time and space!

Join me, Dr.Sky®; as I fill you in on our Arizona skies of August and September 2012.

Get set for one of the best meteor showers of the year, the annual

Perseid meteor shower, which will peak on the night of August 12th

will provide observers with an opportunity to see well over 40 meteors per hour, for lucky observers that have clear and dark skies!

To view the shower, find a dark location and face the NE sky, from

11PM till dawn.

The radiant of this shower, is located in the constellation of Perseus and the meteors from this shower are from a comet, 109P/


The Moon will not be a problem for observers of this year’s Perseid show, as it will be a small waning crescent, rising well after midnight.

An amazing fact about this shower; these tiny comet particles are

for the most part, as small as beach sand and travel well over 37

per second! That makes for an amazing light show. Don’t miss it!

In August, Earth’s nearest neighbor, the Moon, is full on the 1st,

Full Sturgeon Moon, another Full Moon, the Full Corn Moon, on

August 31st and Last Quarter on the 9th, New Moon on the 17th and First Quarter on the 24th.

August has some interesting planets to view….look for Venus and

Jupiter, high in the SE sky before dawn. Mercury, best in the morning sky on the 16th. In the evening sky, Saturn, low in the SW

at sunset. In September, we find that the Moon is at Last Quarter on the 8th, New Moon on the 15th , First Quarter on the 22nd, with

another Full Moon, the famous Harvest Moon on the night of the 29th. September planets abound, with Venus and Jupiter high in the

morning sky, before sunrise. The evening sky is devoid of major planets…finally Fall arrives on the 23rd at 8AM local time…the

Autumnal Equinox.

From the Dr.Sky® realm of aviation, we now return to the National Championship Air Races and Air Show, at Stead Airfield,

near Reno, Nevada. The races return, September 12-16th, after a

tragic air crash and loss of life.

This is my memorial to pilot Jimmy Leeward and his modified P-51 Mustang, “The Galloping Ghost” and ALL those that lost life and were injured. In particular, our thoughts and prayers go out to

Michael Wogan, of Scottsdale, who was killed at the air races. He

loved airplanes and it was his dream, to be at the races!

Join me, Dr.Sky® for some exciting luxury Astronomy cruises, to

some amazing destinations. We have teamed up with Tropical Sails Corporation of Arizona. We have our first out of country Dr.Sky®cruise, off

the coast of Costa Rica, in March of 2013. Join me, for this amazing 7 day cruise on the great tall ships of Star Clippers. To learn more, call Tropical Sails Corp at 623 444-8195. This will be

a most amazing way to see the skies at sea, in a dark location. Closer, to home, I will see you at the many locations that host our

Dr.Sky programs, along with the Az Challenger Center in Peroia.

Clear Skies……..