There will be another small asteroid , known as 2004 BL86, which will pass some 740,000 miles from Earth, on January 26th. The object that was

discovered on January 30th 2004, is estimated to be nearly 1,800 ft in diameter at best and should be visible in telescopes and large binoculars. The asteroid will reach nearly +9.0 magnitude

at best and should be gliding into and past the famous star cluster M44 (Beehive Cluster) on the evening of the 27th (for

US observers)……See the links and finder charts below, to view the asteroid! Its motion should be apparent in real time as it moves the diameter

of the Moon in some 11 minutes…..but a telescope will be needed to see this event! Don’t miss it, if you have clear skies…….

Maps For Finding Asteroid 2004- BL86-