The fifth Annual Picture Perfect Park Wine & Food Tasting.

Join us Saturday, April 8th, under the sky at the beautiful Lost Dutchman State Park for its Fifth Annual Picture Perfect Park Wine & Food Tasting. Hosted by: Friends of Lost Dutchman State Park Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Sky, Steve Kates This is going to be the best ever Annual Picture Perfect Lost Dutchman State […]

Mars, the red god of war, reached opposition on May 22nd! Mars will then continue to move closer to Earth and will be the closest to Earth in some 11 years, on May 30th. At that time, Mars will be some 46,777,481 miles from Earth! This is a close opposition for Mars and those with […]

North Korea Rocket/ Satellite Launch/ Track It LIVE

North Korea launches a ballistic type missile and claims that it has launched a satellite into Earth orbit. A rocket launch occurred on Sunday, at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station. The Kwangmyonsong rocket, lifted off the pad and is reported to have placed a small Earth observation satellite; the Kwangmyonsong-4 payload, into orbit! Reports from […]

General Chuck Yeager Interview- By Dr.Sky

Here is a rare interview that I did back in 2006, with General Chuck Yeager, the first official man, to break the sound barrier, back in October 1947……. It is hard to believe that it has been some 67 years since that great moment in time….and only 44 years after the Wright Brothers, started the […]


NASA/JPL have landed a new rover, CURIOSITY on the surface of Mars! Stay in touch with the latest with this mission and all Mars related updates, here at Direct Link To The CURIOSITY ROVER: Google MARS Locate the Gale Crater And Much More: History Of Mars Missions: A Journey To MARS: […]

China Launches First Female “Taikonaut” Into Space

China launched its first female “taikonaut” into space on June 16th 2012.The Shezhou- 9 spacecraft, lifted off with its three person crew, set to dock with the larger Tiangong-1 spacecraft….. The first Chinese female in space, is a Chinese fighter pilot; Liu Yang. A total of 56 female astronauts have been sent to space and […]

SPACE X Launches Falcon 9/ Dragon To ISS

The SPACE X corporation, launched its first major spacecraft to the ISS, back on May 22nd 2012. The powerful Falcon rocket, with its reusable Dragon spacecraft, docked with the ISS, on May 25th 2012. The future looks bright for SPACE X and its future missions, helping to provide the USA, with an affordable way to […]

Arizona Skies With Dr.Sky® August/ September 2012

Did you know, that one of the best meteor showers of the entire year, is right around the corner? Welcome once again to our unique column, which takes you on a most magical journey, thru time and space! Join me, Dr.Sky®; as I fill you in on our Arizona skies of August and September 2012. […]

Arizona Skies With Dr.Sky® June/ July 2012

Welcome, once again, to the wonders of our Arizona skies! With 2012, nearly half over, we have some of the best sky objects and events to come. June offers up one of rarest of all sky events; an amazing transit of the planet Venus. Get set for this nearly once in a lifetime event, on […]

Asteroid 2012 DA 14 To Pass Earth In 2013

Astronomers in Spain have discovered a small asteroid that will pass very close to Earth in 2013! The asteroid in question is known as 2012 DA 14 and is thought to be around 150 feet in diameter. This is not a very large object as far as asteroids go; but it will pass within 17,000 […]