The recent launch of a Russian satellite , known as Cosmos 2499, has caused some concern in the world space community, as this recently deployed satellite may be the beginnings of a new Russian space weapons platform. This object, launched back in May 2014, has actually been kept a secret and may be a type of “Satellite Killer” platform….similar to that of other superpowers. The object was recently tracked, maneuvering towards another spacecraft…..intentions unknown!

The satellite has also been known as “Object E”, one of the many objects released into orbit on May 23rd, 2014…….

Object E, has been moving on a slow rendezvous with a Russian craft known as Briz-KM.

What is the intention of  “Object E”, which was thought to be a piece of space junk, but has now been identified as a satellite of its own!

Object E might be a new kind of satellite catcher, inspector, or satellite destroyer……..

only time will tell!………….


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