Total Eclipse Of The Moon- October 8th 2014


Get Set for another great Total Eclipse of the Moon, starting on the morning hours of October 8th 2014 Moon will remain in the shadow of the Earth for nearly one hour, offering observers a chance to not only view the eclipse, but capture it on digital platforms…phones,  camera’s and video camera’s too! It is [...]

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Asteroid To Pass Close To Earth On Sunday 9/7/14-

Newly discovered asteroid 2014 RC, will pass the Earth on Sunday, by a mere 25,000 miles. This is another close call and was discovered on August 31st, in Arizona. The asteroid is thought to be some 60 feet in diameter. At its closest, the asteroid will pass within the outer band of geosynchronous satellites. The [...]

THE HARVEST MOON- September 8th 2014


Get set for a most amazing Harvest Moon on the night of September 8th! Of all the full moon’s of the calendar year, the Harvest Moon, is to many, one of the most memorable. This is because of the unique nature of this very special Moon. A Harvest Moon, is the full moon that is [...]

Dr.Sky Interviews Author Bill Yenne / AREA 51 Black Jets / A History Of The Aircraft Developed At Groom Lake, America’s Secret Aviation Base


Recently; I had the honor of interviewing Bill Yenne, a well known figure in the aviation community. He is a popular author and we spent some time discussing his new book, AREA 51 BLACK JETS…. Area 51′s most important military aviation developments are profiled in an illustrated format. When most of us think of Area [...]

Amelia Earhart Flies Around The World-


Veteran Television and Radio reporter, Amelia Rose Earhart, completed an amazing journey around the world, in her Pilatus PC-12 NG. All this, to help raise awareness for raising money for scholarships for young women, who want to get into the field of aviation. Her foundation is, Fly With Amelia Foundation. She and her Co- Pilot, [...]

The Greatest Test Pilot You’ve Never Heard Of


As a member of the media, I get to do some very exciting interviews with some incredible people! For well over 15 years, I have been working on an archive to tell the story of many of those that are in the Astronomy, Space, Aviation and Weather worlds. You can actually listen in to my [...]

ROSETTA Spacecraft Reaches Comet 67P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko


Get set for a most amazing space mission, as ROSETTA.  Rosetta, reaches comet 67P and orbits the comet for many months. A small lander will be deployed to the comets surface in November of this year. Follow the latest with the ROSETTA mission here:

Get Set For The August Super Moon- August 10th 2014-07-28


The closest of the Full Moon’s will take place on the evening of August 10th, as this Full Moon, will be the closest of 2014! The Moon will rise on the 10th and be some 221,800 miles from Earth. A Super Moon is when the Moon appears like this: If a full moon is closer [...]

Tribute To Maj. Pete Knight / The X-15 Reaching Mach 6.72


The X-15 project, was one of the most amazing aerospace projects of all time! The technology of the 1960’s, helped to push a select number of pilots, “Astronauts”, to the edge of space! One of the pilots, was Maj. Pete Knight, who reached a maximum speed of Mach 6.72 ( 4,520 mph)…. a record that [...]

Dr.Sky Interviews Rich Grinnell / Western Sky Aviation Museum, St. George, Utah


One of my passions, is to interview many of those that run or help to promote the many aviation museums in the nation. I had the honor of having as my special guest on the Dr.Sky Show, Rich Grinnell, of the Western Sky Aviation Museum, located in St. George, Utah. This is a great museum, [...]



The planet Saturn is now at opposition, rising at sunset and in our sky all night. This is the best time of the year to view Saturn and you can see some interesting detail, even in the smallest of telescopes. Saturn rises in the SE at sunset in Libra an is now, some 827,312,000 miles [...]

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Einstein's Gravity Waves Could Be Found with New Method

Gravitational waves, invisible ripples in the fabric of space and time, might be detected by looking for the brightening of stars, researchers say.

Close Encounters: Comet Siding Spring Seen Next to Mars

This composite NASA Hubble Space Telescope Image captures the positions of comet Siding Spring and Mars in a never-before-seen close passage of a comet by the Red Planet.