Probe gets closest to Pluto in history

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Noctilucent Clouds Appear In The Northern Hemisphere


With the advent of the Summer Solstice, just a few weeks away, observers in the northern hemisphere are once again seeing the elusive clouds, know as noctilucent clouds. Noctilucent, comes from the latin, meaning “Light Shining”. These are the highest clouds known and are some 50 miles above the surface of the Earth. May 19th [...]

New Horizons Mission Nears Pluto


Get set for an amazing encounter with Pluto, as the New Horizons spacecraft is set for a close pass with Pluto, on or about July 15th! The New Horizons spacecraft is unusual, in the fact that it has covered the distance between Earth and Pluto, in record time! Launched back on January 19th 2006, it [...]

Saturn Returns To Opposition May 22nd 2015


  The planet Saturn returns to opposition on the night of May 22nd. Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun and at this years opposition, Saturn will be some 830,000,000 miles from Earth. At this distance, It takes light some 74 minutes to get to the ringed planet. The best views of Saturn, will [...]

Lyrid Meteor Shower To Peak This Week


Meteor season opens up for 2015, with the arrival of the first major meteor showers of the year! The Lyrid meteor shower is one of the oldest of the known showers and will peak during the night of April 22nd, into the morning of the 23rd. The meteors from this shower, come from an old [...]

Could Asteroid 2012 TC 4 Hit Earth October 12 2017 ?


An asteroid, some 40 or more meters in diameter is being looked at with great interest, as it will come very close to Earth in 2017! Just how close, is not really known at this time. The asteroid in question, is known as 2012 TC 4, which came close to Earth in 2012, with no [...]

Unique Total Lunar Eclipse/ April 4th 2015


A very unique eclipse of the Moon will take place on the early morning of April 4th 2015. The next in a series of total lunar eclipses, will be a must see event for observers in the mid to western USA and Pacific. This is the second eclipse of 2015, following the total solar eclipse [...]

DAWN Spacecraft Reaches Dwarf Planet/Asteroid/ Ceres


The DAWN spacecraft has now reached the largest asteroid, Ceres! There are amazing pictures coming from DAWN, revealing a most world! There appears to be a few “bright” regions on the surface of Ceres, which have no easy explanation. Ceres, is an object that is about 590 miles in diameter, about the size of the [...]

Mystery Martian Cloud Appears Over The Planet


Observers have been reporting a strange sight along the limb of the planet Mars. The plume or “cloud” appears to be well over 100 miles high. This type of cloud has been seen before on Mars, but no one is quite certain what it is and where it came from. Observers from all over the [...]

Amazing Solar Filament On The Disk Of The Sun


  An amazing solar filament is now moving across the disk of the Sun. A solar filament is plasma gas that is higher in the solar atmosphere and appears as a dark signature, against the brighter photosphere. This filament is at least 1,000,000 kilometers in length. If the filament were to smash into the photosphere [...]

Asteroid 2004 BL86 Visible In Small Telescopes


There will be another small asteroid , known as 2004 BL86, which will pass some 740,000 miles from Earth, on January 26th. The object that was discovered on January 30th 2004, is estimated to be nearly 1,800 ft in diameter at best and should be visible in telescopes and large binoculars. The asteroid will reach [...]

Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 Continues To Impress


Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 continues to brighten as it makes its way north in our January skies. The comet is quite east to view in binoculars and as the month of January continues, the comet will race into Taurus, Aries and into the star fields of the Milky Way, in Perseus. Now is a great [...]

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