Geminid Meteor Shower To Peak-


One of the best meteor showers of the entire  year is about to peak! The Geminid meteor shower will reach a dramatic peak on the night of December 13th into the early morning hours of the 14th! The Geminid meteor shower is a powerful stream that is thought to come from a dormant comet/asteroid. The [...]

NASA Launches The Orion Spacecraft-


NASA recently launched the first in a series of Orion Spacecraft by using the Delta IV Heavy, the largest and most powerful rocket in the US inventory. The launch of this test flight, is the start of a long series of tests, to eventually get humans back into space! This mission, was only a test [...]

“Object E” update


The recent launch of a Russian satellite , known as Cosmos 2499, has caused some concern in the world space community, as this recently deployed satellite may be the beginnings of a new Russian space weapons platform. This object, launched back in May 2014, has actually been kept a secret and may be a type [...]



This is another great year for the Leonid meteor shower. Look to eastern sky on the morning hours of both November 17th and 18th, as you may get to view upwards of 25 meteors per hour! The Leonids are a famous meteor shower and one that can produce some great results! To help you locate [...]



The European Space Agency (ESA) Rosetta spacecraft has made history, with the successful soft landing of the robotic craft, known as “Philae”. This historic landing took place, on November 12th. The craft approached Comet 67P, with a landing speed of some 3 feet per second…… Exciting views from the surface of this comet are expected [...]

Massive Sunspot AR 2192 Continues To Evolve-


One of the largest sunspots in the last decade, continues to grow on the surface of the Sun. The massive sunspot, was seen on the left edge of the Sun, in late October and has produced many, C, M and X flares. As of, October 27th, the massive sunspot group, as large as the planet [...]

Total Eclipse Of The Moon- October 8th 2014


Get Set for another great Total Eclipse of the Moon, starting on the morning hours of October 8th 2014 Moon will remain in the shadow of the Earth for nearly one hour, offering observers a chance to not only view the eclipse, but capture it on digital platforms…phones,  camera’s and video camera’s too! It is [...]

Sight, Sound And Taste event

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Asteroid To Pass Close To Earth On Sunday 9/7/14-

Newly discovered asteroid 2014 RC, will pass the Earth on Sunday, by a mere 25,000 miles. This is another close call and was discovered on August 31st, in Arizona. The asteroid is thought to be some 60 feet in diameter. At its closest, the asteroid will pass within the outer band of geosynchronous satellites. The [...]

THE HARVEST MOON- September 8th 2014


Get set for a most amazing Harvest Moon on the night of September 8th! Of all the full moon’s of the calendar year, the Harvest Moon, is to many, one of the most memorable. This is because of the unique nature of this very special Moon. A Harvest Moon, is the full moon that is [...]

Dr.Sky Interviews Author Bill Yenne / AREA 51 Black Jets / A History Of The Aircraft Developed At Groom Lake, America’s Secret Aviation Base


Recently; I had the honor of interviewing Bill Yenne, a well known figure in the aviation community. He is a popular author and we spent some time discussing his new book, AREA 51 BLACK JETS…. Area 51′s most important military aviation developments are profiled in an illustrated format. When most of us think of Area [...]

Amelia Earhart Flies Around The World-


Veteran Television and Radio reporter, Amelia Rose Earhart, completed an amazing journey around the world, in her Pilatus PC-12 NG. All this, to help raise awareness for raising money for scholarships for young women, who want to get into the field of aviation. Her foundation is, Fly With Amelia Foundation. She and her Co- Pilot, [...]

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